This is a good video overview of how one Equipment Manager uses information to make decisions and saves money. The video is about one hour long. Considering that it took him 45 years to learn this, maybe it is not too long. It will give you a good way to compare your processes to his, no matter if you have 5 machines or 874 like Bill DeRousse.

Bill will show you his numbers and explain why you need to calculate this for your fleet.
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The PowerPoint slides (which you will want) are available for free. Just send me your e-mail address by private message. (They are too large to attach and not yet published on the internet.)

Should a vehicle be replaced or repaired? Study an example of equipment costs (Cost Per Mile or Hour, Repair hours per mile/hour, Average age and Average usage) over the past four years and see what factors have affected costs.


Bill DeRousse
City of Everett Washington and Everett Utilities

Mr. Bill DeRousse has been a Fleet Manager for 45 years with both private and public fleet operations. He is currently the Fleet Superintendent for the city of Everett and Everett Transit, Everett, Washington. He served for six years as the president of the Public Fleet Managers Association and now the information officer, serves as a committee chair with Seattle Chapter of NAFA. Serves on many committees within the state Of Washington as well on several national transit and vehicle committees. Bill is a public speaker in all areas of fleet management giving presentations throughout the United States annually.

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